The Importance of Airline Attendance


In the Aviation Industry one of the most critical jobs for airports affected by ice and snow is how to remove these elements quickly so as to keep runways open and safe for incoming and departing aircraft. Airfield Operations and Maintenance is an ever changing necessity that requires those faced with this task to stay current on new equipment and techniques being offered. 

As the industry evolves it has become more apparent that it is crucial to include airlines in this conference as sponsors and attendees.  It is amazing what could be learned from each other and why airline involvement is vital. 

Why should airline personnel attend the International Aviation Snow Symposium?

  • To fully understand what airfield operations and maintenance are up against when dealing with snow removal, icing conditions that have frequented our northeast airports this year.
  • To network with your peers on the airport side of the house should prove invaluable to what we really have to deal with day in and day out during the winter.
  • Pro-active approach to snow removal on all sides, whether it be on the airfield, in the cockpit, in the control tower or the terminal, we are all in this together and we all play an integral part ensuring safer winter operations.  By attending, more importantly, participating in events at the Snow Symposium, you are engaging with the folks who keep your airfield safe for you to operate.
  • Conversely, the snow fighters will gain a better understanding of what the airlines are up against during winter operations.  There could be a distinct possibility of making even more improvements and possibly reducing the number of cancelled flights with a better understanding what we actually do that keeps the airport safe for the airlines to operate.
  • If the air carriers dispatch who make the calls to cancel flights had a better understanding on how we pride ourselves in maintaining our airfield surfaces in good condition during winter operations, maybe they would think twice before wholesale cancelling flights.
  • Create a network of contacts across the snow belt where an airline dispatch director could contact the “Snow Boss” at one of their impacted airports and get their feedback and professional opinion on how their snow operation is going prior to just cancelling flights based upon the forecast.

For more information on your airline's attendance at the Snow Symposium or how you can get involved, email [email protected].