2024 International Aviation Snow Symposium
Snow Plow Rodeo

Brought to you by the International Aviation Snow Symposium, the Snow Plow Rodeo will be fun to watch and even more fun to compete in. Check out the rules and regulations below, and if you’ve got what it takes, sign up to drive and you'll be competing for cash prizes and plaques!

Thank you to Top Dog Services, our 2024 Rodeo Sponsor!


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Competitors are judged first by how well they prepare their ride for the course and then they must impress the judges with their skills as an operator while the clock is ticking. It’s all about controlling your ride under pressure and being cool in the saddle like a real cowboy. Yeehaw! (spurs are optional). Transportation will be provided to and from the Buffalo/Niagara International Airport. 

Requirements for attendees to participate as competitors in the Snow Plow Rodeo at the International Aviation Snow Symposium, Buffalo, New York.

  1. Participant MUST possess a valid C. D. L. Operators License with a minimum A and/or B endorsement. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  2. Participant must have a minimum of 4 years (winter seasons) of airfield snow removal operations.
  3. Participant will provide a document on home airport letterhead, verification from immediate supervisor and/or airfield maintenance manager, the individuals qualifications/experience in airfield snow removal operations and verification of knowledge of safe equipment operation.
  4. All Participants will provide their valid C. D. L. Operators License at the time of registration for the driving event for authentication and insurance requirements.
  5. ALL PARTICIPANTS WILL SIGN A WAIVER PRIOR TO THE RODEO EVENT, NO EXCEPTIONS!  This waiver is to protect Buffalo/Niagara International Airport, the International Aviation Snow Symposium (it's members and affiliates), the Northeast Chapter of the American Association of Airport Executives and other entities involved in this event of the International Aviation Snow Symposium.
  6. All participants/competitors must be present at a safety and course briefing at the Snow Symposium in the exhibit hall following the last visit with exhibitors on Tuesday. Safety is paramount and any unsafe acts whether while driving or during the event by a competitor will result in immediate disqualification from the competition.

The Rodeo committee will collectively design a course for the event that will challenge the competitors skills while including obstacles that are encountered during snow plowing events at airports. These may include; backing into a dock area, plowing around a radius (inside and outside), a serpentine obstacle, plowing close to a fixed object and perhaps a final challenge may be dropping the plow as close to the finish line as possible. These obstacles are still being brainstormed and the stations will be discussed and eventually finalized.

There will also be a Pre-trip inspection as part of the Rodeo event. All equipment operators/drivers should do pre-trip inspections on their vehicles prior to use to assure safe operation. A plow truck will be staged with predetermined deficiencies for the competitors to find and note as part of their score for the Rodeo event.